Artist Coaching

  • Business Consulting

  • Brand Development

  • Profile Optimisation

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Release Planning

  • Tour Planning

“I believe that every person intrinsically knows what steps they must take to reach their full potential.

As mentor and coach with over 15 years of artist management experience, I enjoy guiding artists through the process of understanding their possibilities and position in the market, while finding ways to be more efficient and strategic in their approach.

So that they can trust their intuition and enjoy the creative process, while feeling in control of their career.”

I’ve never met anyone with such openness, knowledge, flexibility and ability to analyse every situation in all its facets, in a matter of seconds, and propose a solution or show you the way to it. Franzie is invaluable in my opinion. You think she is helping you with your career when then you realise it is much, much more. Everything is included.

Looking for advise on your artistic career or brand?


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