Since a severe burnout in 2011 I have been on an ongoing quest to find the perfect diet and nutrition to heal my gut issues (ongoing!).

Immersed in self-study and self-testing ever since, and besides the countless articles, videos etc., I specifially read books on and tried out the GAPS diet, blood type diet, ayurvedic diet, keto diet, read all books of the Medical Medium (my favorite so far), am familiar with FODMAP and of course the range of vegan – vegetarian – paleo etc.

To solidify my knowledge and take things a bit further I am also currently studying to become a vegan nutritionist, graduating end of 2020. I don’t say that I have all the answers, but I did invest a lot of time into gaining all the knowledge I have and with the ongoing eagerness to learn more I do think that I can be helpful to anyone who’s looking to improve their diet in certain ways.