Training the mind, acknowledging and changing behaviour patterns and working on becoming the best version of oneself is the key element to any advanced yoga practise.

I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years with a wide range of great teachers, and after giving up my artist agency in April 2017 I have been immersing myself full-time in teachings, trainings, self-study and practise. During that time I absolved a total of 850 hours of intensive yoga teacher trainings, including the Jivamukti yoga teacher certification which is considered the gold standard of the industry.

Unknowingly to most, a large portion of these trainings is spent on spiritual teachings and yoga philosophy. Practicing to become self-aware, increasing intuition, understanding how the mind works, practical tools on how to deal with the ego and unwanted behaviour patterns, ancient knowledge on mental health and self-development etc.

Furthermore I’m trained in the co-active coaching method, non-directive coaching (by Carl R. Rogers) and solution-focused coaching. All of where the client is at the center, and the coach there to help find the answers and implement the changes the client desires.

Add to that my personal life experience throughout the many challenges I had to face on my own journey, as well as the many times I was able to help others through conversations, often coming from a place of intuition and a great sensitivity that allows me to tune into people and find perspectives and hidden potentials that they may had not considered before.