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I base my work on the four pillars of transformation that will lead towards a greater sense of happiness and purpose in life:

1. Mind Set & Behaviour Patterns
2. Lifestyle Choices
3. Diet & Nutrition
4. Tools to Move Forward

My lectures and workshops can help anyone who would like to lead a healthier lifestyle and doesn’t really know how to get started.

For those who are feeling frustrated and confused about the variety of information out there and how to apply them.

You will learn about the different ways to lead a healthier life and receive simple tools and tricks to incorporate in your day, so that you look and feel more radiant, confident about your choices and have more energy than before.

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How the Mind Works (30-45mins)
  • The lens of perception: ego mind vs. Self Awareness
  • Brainwave science
  • Changing the narrative
  • The Great Saboteur
  • Final Q&A
Diet & Nutrition (60-90mins)
  • How to identify healthy food options when grocery shopping
  • What to avoid
  • The liver & role of glucose
  • Complex carbohydrates vs. simple sugars
  • Fats & oils
  • The 101 on proteins
  • Complete / incomplete proteins, food combinations
  • Overview increase – decrease
  • Final Q&A


Stress, Anxiety, Depressive Moods: tired of feeling stressed and tired? Learn how to support your body & mind in times of stress and anxiety.

Freedom From Addiction: how to nourish yourself on a mental and physical level to combat addictive behaviours.

A Healthy Diet You’ll Love: how to put together delicious vegan meals in no time (learning about food combos, theory and practical parts of vegan cooking).

10:00 doors open with breakfast

  • Drinks: smoothies, matcha, mate, cacao
  • Foods: vegan cakes, banana bread, chocolate brownies etc.

11:00-13:00 — 2 hrs (incl. short break)

  • Introducing the team
  • How the specific issue works on a physical level
  • What foods to eat

13:00-13:30 Breath Work — 30 mins

  • With music
  • To energise

13:30-14:30 lunch — 1 hr

  • Using ingredients that support the issue
  • Participants receive recipes

14:30-16:30 (incl. short break) — 2 hrs (incl. short break)

  • How the specific issue works on a mental level
  • What practices to do

16:30-17:00 Q&A — 30 mins

  • Participants can ask questions
  • Team can announce other events

More formats available on request.

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