I’m a business professional skilled in project management and event production, with great team building skills and highly efficient in any tasks that require organization and coordination. I’m a fast learner and quick to adapt to new subjects, environments and people.

Originally coming from a film production background, I have been working in international teams since 2007 and in different organisational and leading roles; always with the aim to improve collaboration, productivity and communication between the different parties involved.

Over the years I took a leading role in the creation of various products and projects that pushed the boundaries of what seemed possible at the time.

From creating the necessary legal foundation and internal team structure, to overcoming obstacles and finding the most efficient solutions to reach the desired outcome, to creating the maximum impact during launch and execution.

As managing partner and booking agent at Extend Artists I worked with and learnt from some of the most influential figures in electronic music.

In April 2017 I decided to close my booking agency and follow my passion to become a yoga teacher, nutritionist and wellbeing coach.

Through my programs I help industry leaders to change negative mind sets and destructive behaviours, make better lifestyle choices and have more control over their health and state of mind.

In 2020 I take my experience in business operations and coaching one step further to also work in the field of change management.

Ideally I would like to find a project or company that bridges both worlds – where I can apply myself to help create a better future for all.


Event Manager
Business & Brands
Project Lead
Change Manager
Wellbeing Coach
Public Speaker

full and partial service such as logistics, production, budgets and more.

including development, launch and marketing of products and brands.

applying all my experience to take your project from start to finish.

supporting companies in adapting to improve communication, collaboration & productivity.

with programs to cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

offering different lecture & workshop formats.