About Me

Hi there, I’m Franzie! My journey, from the film sets of Germany to the dynamic world of event management, has been a unique blend of experiences shaping my professional path.

Born in Dresden, I experienced a major cultural shift when my family moved to Bavaria just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. This early encounter with change and adaptation has been a constant in my life. At 18, I dove into the film industry in Leipzig, learning the ropes as a production assistant and developing a keen eye for detail and coordination.

My aspirations led me to Hamburg’s equipment rental Cine Gate, and eventually to Berlin, where I progressed through the ranks in the camera department. Each role, from clapper loader to 1st camera assistant, was a masterclass in precision, teamwork, and resilience.

A health challenge at 24 steered me towards a new direction, intertwining my organisational talents with my passion for music. My collaboration with techno legend Richie Hawtin and the Minus label started in 2007. Over a decade, I navigated various roles, from tour management to running label showcases for brands like Minus, ENTER.Sake, and PLAYdifferently (read more details here). This period was instrumental in honing my skills in managing diverse event formats and working with a wide range of personalities.

In 2017, seeking balance, I transitioned into yoga, nutrition, and mental wellbeing coaching, enriching my skill set. This journey fostered a deeper understanding of both self and others, sharpening my skills in empathetic communication and effective management of diverse personalities and challenging situations.

Today, I bring all these experiences together as a freelance Event Manager and Show Director. My background in film production, combined with a rich history in the music industry, forms the foundation of my expertise in crafting memorable, well-orchestrated events.

As for personal life :-) this is who I like to be today:

I have an amazing partner and a little dog named Kitty, both of whom I love very much.

I try to regularly practice yoga and meditate.

I like to prepare nice healthy food and live mostly vegan.

Education & Trainings

  • Bachelor Professional of Business (CCI)

  • 2yrs Apprenticeship in Property Management

  • PSM I Scrum Master Certification

  • 300hrs Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

  • 500hrs Certified Multistyle Yoga Teacher

  • Internship at Cine Gate Equipment Rental