About Me

“Hi! My name is Franzie, and I would like to tell you my story here.

I’m originally from Dresden in Eastern Germany, and moved with my mother and my two siblings to the Bavarian country side (in South Germany) just before the wall came down in 1989, when I was 9 years old. You can imagine the culture shock! I literally needed to re-learn German.

At age 18 I moved back East and started to work in the film industry in Leipzig as production assistant. I loved the environment but wanted to be closer to where stuff was happening.. so at age 19 I left everything behind to embark on a life-changing backpacking trip to Australia. That’s where, in a tent in Byron Bay, I decided to pursue a career in the camera department.

Returned with polished English skills and through a series of fortunate events, I was able to land myself a rare 6-months internship at one of Germany’s top rental houses “Cine Gate” for lights, camera and grip in Hamburg. Back then this was the acknowledged educational path for film camera technicians. Once completed, I moved to Berlin in 2001…. where I still live!

For three years I successfully worked my way up as clapper loader (2nd camera assistant) on some of Germany’s favourite TV series and movies at the time, and then continued as 1st camera assistant for another year. Sadly at age 24 I suffered from a chronic nerve inflammation in my lower back, which forced me to re-think my life and eventually give up the career path I had chosen.

Back at ground zero, I helped at an actors agency and tried to go back to school. I had always worked freelance, so the idea of a 9-to-5 job seemed appealing. A friend explained convincingly that with an education in property management and real estate you can do pretty much anything – and her company had an apprenticeship opening in Berlin. So I tried!

Two years into the apprenticeship (and thanks to my polished English skills!) I got entangled with a group of Canadian musicians who needed help settling in Berlin. Finding them flats, an office space for the label, getting registered, bank accounts and phone contracts.. a welcome distraction! Plus I got to hang out with cool music people who met up for “lunch meetings” and did what they loved, for living. It was all too familiar from my time in the film industry – and I wanted back.

Low and behold, an opportunity arose a few months later, and I was not going to let it slip. That’s when in May 2007 I started to work with techno icon Richie Hawtin and the artists on his Minus label – a professional relationship that lasted 10 years and transformed from being Richie’s PA, to Plastikman Live Project Manager, to being his business partner and worldwide booking agent (you can read a more detailed version of this period in Home > Music Industry Experience).

As I like to admit: I’m a sprinter, not a marathon runner. And although there were many sprints to complete, eventually I needed to take a break from the intensity of the industry. In April 2017 I closed my agency and travelled to Asia to immerse myself in the studies of yoga, nutrition and human psychology. During this time I also created two coaching programs to improve mental health for industry leaders.

Since then I have extended my career as freelance Event Manager and Show Director in the field of corporate events, and completed my Bachelor Professional in Business during the Covid break in 2020/21. I also enjoy mentoring and coaching upcoming artists, and continue to keep a foot in the music industry as Artist Relations Specialist for Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR product line.

As for personal life :-) this is who I like to be today:

I have an amazing partner and a little dog named Kitty, both of whom I love very much.

I try to practice yoga and meditate regularly, and just bought a handpan.

I like to prepare nice healthy food and live mostly vegan.