100 Jahre – 100 Stunden Flughafen Tempelhof

October 2023 | 100 Jahre – 100 Stunden Flughafen Tempelhof

Client: We Are Makers GmbH
Location: Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin
Position: Key Member of Production Team, Show Director of Main Hall

Event Overview
The event celebrated the 100th anniversary of the historic Tempelhof Airport. Spanning 100 continuous hours, it transformed the iconic terminal into a vibrant hub of culture and entertainment, featuring live concerts, DJ performances, and art exhibitions.

Event Highlights

  • Cultural Integration: Successfully integrated over 100 artists and diverse cultural activities into the program within a few weeks.
  • Art Exhibitions: Acted as the primary liaison for art exhibitions, coordinating with curators and navigating installation challenges in a protected building.
  • Live Performances: Managed the main stage events, encompassing a variety of live concerts and DJ performances.

Role and Contributions

  • Program Development: Played a pivotal role in shaping the overall event program and managing artist confirmations.
  • Art Exhibition Management: Oversaw the organization and implementation of art exhibitions, ensuring seamless integration with the event.
  • Show Direction: As the Show Director, I was responsible for the overall coordination of the main hall, ensuring the flawless execution of the 100-hour program and adapting to the dynamic event environment.

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