Internship (Cine Gate Equipment Rental)

Oct 2000 – Apr 2001 | Cinegate (formerly Cine Licht) Hamburg, DE

In April 2001 I completed a 6-months internship at one of Germany’s leading film equipment rental.

During this time, I received intensive insights into film technology, especially in camera, lighting and stage technology.

Tasks included

  • Assembling camera, lighting and stage equipment according to packing lists, setting up and dismantling or rebuilding the camera, lighting and stage equipment in cooperation with the company’s technicians, especially ARRI 16mm SR and ARRI as well as MOVIECAM 35mm camera equipment,
  • Checking back of camera, lighting and stage equipment of the respective productions, completeness check, cleaning, regular charging of batteries and maintenance of the equipment,
  • Checking the cleanliness of lenses and filters, checking the functioning of the equipment, connecting and checking video mirroring and additional equipment.
  • Visit to the Atlantik copying plant, insight into copying plant technology and film processing,
  • Learning the characteristics and possible uses of film light in a 6-week intensive in-house course.

During my internship, I had worked on various 16mm film productions as a clapper loader and video operator.

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