Focus Puller / 1st Camera Assistant

Aug 2003 to Dec 2004

During this time I continued to work on film sets across Germany as one of Germany’s youngest females in this position. Jobs included episodes of the popular German TV series Tatort and Polizeiruf 110, commercials and feature films.

After pursuing this career for more than 4 years, sadly at age 24 I suffered from a chronic nerve inflammation in my lower back, which forced me to re-think my life and eventually give up the career path I had chosen.

What does a Focus Puller do?

The 1st camera assistant is often the precursor to the camera operator. The 1st camera assistant has the following responsibilities:


  • Assembling the camera equipment in consultation with the camera operator / DoP
  • Renting and testing the camera equipment


  • Managing, maintaining, setting up and taking down the equipment on location
  • Manually pulling the focus while camera and objects are usually in motion
  • Adjusting and checking camera optics before and after each take (lint check)


  • Cleaning and returning of equipment

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