Lectures (Lift Yourself Retreats)


Oct 2019 | Fair Oak Farm, UK

Lectures on “Diet & Nutrition” and “How the Mind Works”

Lift Yourself Retreats offer a safe, non-judgmental space for both men and women to learn the basic principles of yoga, meditation, pranayama and healthy eating in beautiful locations, away from the hustle and bustle of their hectic daily lives.

Panelist “Diversity and equality in music”


Nov 2016 | Take Note Educational Music Conference, London (UK)

Panel: Diversity and equality in music.
Take Note would like to shine a light on the subject of diversity in the music industry, something it is vital to form an opinion as well as understand the challenges it brings. This panel will discuss how much of an issue it is, […]

Panelist “Protect The Dance Floor”


Oct 2016 | Felix Meritis, Amsterdam Dance Event (NL)

Panel: AFEM presents: Protect The Dance Floor
..the challenges of maintaining a vibrant night-time industry.

Franzie Eichler, partner at Extend Artists (DE)
Hans Hess, promoter at The Egg, London (GB)
Mirik Milan, Night Mayor of Amsterdam (NL)
Alan Miller, Chairman NTIA (GB)

About the Amsterdam Dance Event:

The Amsterdam Dance Event is the leading conference & […]

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