Production Manager (TOA Tech Open Air)

June – July 2019 | TOA Tech Open Air, Berlin (DE)

As one of three production managers at TOA 2018, I produced several TOA activities:

  • Beach pavilion with pedal boat rental (Google For Startups)
  • 3-room exhibition area for new VR technology (Panasonic)
  • On-site live podcast series (SamsungNext)
  • Several event cars in the outdoor area (RedBull)
  • 3D installation (MONOM)
  • TOA Night (separat event with three stages and 15 artists)
About TOA Tech Open Air:

TOA Tech Open Air is a 4-day festival & conference about the future of tech, work, and life (approx. 20,000 attendees).

Our mission at TOA is to help people future-proof their businesses and their lives. Technology is transforming the way we work, live, and relate to each other. Only if you understand technology you can take advantage of the opportunities it creates.

We believe that collaboration across disciplines and industries is the only way to foster sustainable innovation and drive society forward.

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